FfenicsDataEase based database application

The first version of Ffenics (1.1) was release on 30/11/07, although the software is based on DataEase technology Ffenics has been extensively redeveloped by Pete & Trina Tabard (Database City) enhancements and fixes to the software are released on a regular basis.
The User Interface is different to DataEase in almost every respect. Menu options, dialogs, graphics, icons, status bar, help system and installation etc are all different. There are many terminological differences between Ffenics (Ff) and DataEase (DE), intended to promote easier understanding by the nontechnical user.
Ffenics applications are not in any way interoperable with DataEase applications, or vice versa. (A link may be made via OLE DB, if required). Nor are the file formats compatible, although in some cases they are very similar.
Ffenics and DataEase development paths are progressing in different directions this will help current DataEase users decide which path they need to take. A document has been released by Database City highlighting the differences between both products.
In 2012 Database Software Ltd (formally Database City) appointed Edward Paice as Managing Director the company also moved to their current offices at the Centre for Advanced Software Technology in Wales.
In August 2012 Ffenics launched their YouTube channel with Ffenics Tutorials and training videos.
Also offered are 3 pre-built applications (FrApps) CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, ASSET MANAGEMENT and EXPENSES MANAGEMENT which users can download use and modify as required.
Ffenics comes with a free migration tool which allows users of DataEase 7.02 and before to migrate their application into Ffenics.
For a current list of available Ffenics software, please visit our shop page for further information and prices.

Ffenics version chart

April 2008 1.21
May 2008 1.22
July 2008 1.23
September 2008 1.24
December 2008 1.50
June 2009 1.51
May 2011 1.52
December 2011 1.53
September 2012 1.6
December 2012 1.61
March 2013 1.62
May 2014 1.63
April 2015 2