DataEaseThe database application

The first version of DataEase was release in 1981 and was created by Arun Gupta and Joseph Busch. Originally called DataMaster DataEase Dos was easy to use, non-programmers could quickly develop standalone database applications without all the complicated processes required by traditional development tools. In 1988 version 4 was released which allowed users to run their applications over a network and share data.
In 1991 DataEase was sold to Sapphire International Corporation where development on DataEase Dos continued until February 2005 when Sapphire released the final version DFD 5.53. An upgrade patch is available for users of DFD 5.17 / 5.18, users of DataEase 4.53 can also upgrade to the latest Dos version. (Please Contact us for further information). A Windows version of DataEase was release in 1992 called DataEase Express but it was not until 1994 when DataEase A Windows version of DataEase was release in 1992 called DataEase Express but it was not until 1994 when DataEase for Windows was released (DFW 5) did the Windows versions include DQL. This version was extensively marketed and appeared at the Windows 95 show in Olympia as a replacement to DataEase DOS this version also included a migration tool which allowed users of DFD 4.53 and earlier to migrate their applications to a Windows environment.

Various version of DFW (16 bit) were released until 2002 when DataEase 6 (32 bit) was released this version included WebPublisher which was designed to automate the process of making DataEase applications open to everyone with a web browser. A developer could web-publish DataEase forms and reports without writing a single line of code, simply by making choices and clicking buttons. OLE DB provider and consumer which allowed users to connect to other Windows programs and databases and an Extensive library of more than 200 Custom Defined Functions (CDF) this facility also allowed programmers and software venders to create their own plug-in functions.
In 2006 DataEase 7 was released this version moved DataEase development away from Borland as a development tool to Microsoft, Interoperability with DFD applications was also abandoned as the facility was becoming too restrictive for future windows development.
In 2008 a new DataEase development team was appointed under the leadership of Ulrik Krohn to take DataEase into a new era which will eventually culminate in a completely web based product.
DataEase 7.2 was officially launched on July 1, 2009. This version is the first to use the 64 bit operating system and was extensively reworked to contain more than 1,000 improvements and fixes. The release of 7.2 also marked the time when DataEase International Ltd. became once again an independent product company solely focused on the product and its development. DataEase services are now provided by DataEase Professional Services Ltd and Data Consultancy. DataEase 8 was officially release on 31st July 2013 and contains many new features and enhancements other versions have also been released the latest being released March 2017. This version includes Emailing direct from within an application, Enhanced Memo Fields, ExecDql which is a new script editor that can be used with buttons and Labels, Old-Style memo and Long Text fields.
As with earlier versions of DataEase for Windows (DFW) a migration tool has been included with the software to aid developers in migrating DataEase DOS applications and earlier versions of (DFW) to the latest windows version.
Other versions of DataEase which are available include LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53) and LegEasy4DOS Professional these versions allow users to use their legacy applications with the latest windows operating systems.
DataEase 9 is due for release in the first half of 2022 this version includes many new features including developer tools.

DataEase version chart

1981 DataEase 1 Anglicised version of original US manual
1983 DataMaster/DataEase 2.01
1984 DataMaster/DataEase 2.11 First UK manual
1985 DataMaster/DataEase 2.5
1987 Infomaster Branded version by Amstrad
1988 DataMaster/DataEase 2.53
1988 DataEase LAN 1.1 First LAN version separate product
1988 DataEase 4 Includes LAN functionality in main product
1989 DataEase 4.01
1990 DataEase 4.24 Includes LAN functionality in main product
1990 DataEase SQL 1
1992 DataEase SQL Connect Now an 'add-on' rather than self contained product
1992 DataEase 4.53
1992 DataEase Developer 4.53
1992 DataEase Express 1 First Windows version
1994 DataEase Express 1.1
1995 DataEase 5 DFD
1995 DataEase for Windows 5 First Windows version including DQL
1998 DataEase 5.14 / 5.14NT First NT version
1999 DataEase for Windows 5.5 NT version combined with main also included WebEase
2002 DataEase 6 32 bit port and includes WebPublisher 1
2003 DataEase 6.1
2003 DataEase 6.5 Includes WebPublisher 2 OLE DB provider and consumer
2004 DataEase 6.52
2006 DataEase 7 Power
2006 DataEase 7 Lite
2009 DataEase 7.2 New DataEase Development Team
2013 DataEase 6.53 Compatiable with Windows 7/8 32/64bit
2013 DataEase 8 Included Web Fields , Enharnced Memo Fields and ExecDql (31st July 2013)
2013 DataEase 8.1 Old Style memo and Long Text fields reintroduced (December 2013)
2014 DataEase 8.2 Many new functions for example

HTML Editor,

Email Direct From DataEase with attachments
2016 DataEase 8.5 Many new features available through DQL, ExecDql and Buttons
2016 LegEasy4DOS Professional DataEase 4.53 and 5.53 versions which are now compatiable with current 32/64bit operating systems
2022 DataEase LegEasy8 Many new features, Last version of the DataEase 8 Series (DE8.6)(Waiting for Release Date)
2022 DataEase 9 Many new functions compatiable with 32/64bit operating systems (Waiting for Release Date)