Training in DataEase & FFenics applications

Data Consultancy can provide comprehensive training courses in either DataEase or Ffenics on a one to one basis or in a classroom environment. Our courses are specially tailored to each organisation's requirements but our normal courses generally include the following:

DOS to DataEase 8 / Ffenics Redevelopment Course

  • Overview of DataEase 8 or Ffenics
  • DFD Database Preparation
  • Identifying and Removing Redundant Items
  • Reserve Words or Characters and Renaming Fields
  • Renaming and Dealing with Duplicate Relationships
  • Migrating Your DFD Application using the Migration Tool
  • Building Import / Export Routines
  • Recreating Windows Forms / Reports / DQL's
  • Network / Desktop Settings

DataEase 8 / Ffenics Development Courses

  • Overview of DataEase 8 or Ffenics
  • Database Design and Architecture
  • Form Development Including Tabs etc.
  • Reports (QBM's)
  • Imports / Exports
  • Basic Procedures and Advance DQL Designs
  • Printing Using DataEase and Ffenics in Built in Functions
  • CDF's (DE) ELS's (Ffenics)
  • Using ODBC , OLEDB , DDE with DataEase and Ffenics
  • ExecDQL (DataEase)
  • Database Maintenance
  • Network / Desktop Settings
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